Lodge Leadership

At Fall Fellowship, members of the Mitigwa Lodge elect a Lodge Chief, as well as Vice Chiefs of Membership, Ceremonies, Communications and Elections and Promotions.  These Lodge Officers, along with Chapter Chiefs and Vice Chiefs, oversee the running of the lodge and all functions and promotions.

2017 Lodge Officers:

  • Lodge Chief: Tyler Krugler
  • Lodge Vice Chief of Ceremonies: Dalton Ballard
  • Lodge Vice Chief of Elections and Promotions: Jacob Dostal
  • Lodge Vice Chief of Communications: Jaret Norton
  • Lodge Vice Chief of Membership: Victor Zava-Livengood

Adult Advisers

  • Lodge Adviser:  Dana Danks
  • Staff Adviser:  Dan Maiers
  • Associate Adviser:  Michael Weber
  • Associate Adviser (Training):
  • Associate Adviser (Finances): John Risse 
  • Ceremonies Adviser:  Lynn Kramer
  • Election and Promotions Advisers:  David Rogers, Mitchell Vose
  • Communications Adviser:  Robert Trusty
  • Membership Adviser/Registrar:  Angela Sarvis
  • Website Adviser: David Konfrst
  • Dancing and Drumming Advisers:  Ryan Young, Chip Collins

For all questions about Lodge events or opportunities, please use the email mitigwachief@gmail.com.