Mitigwa Lodge has just created a FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions) page to help Arrowmen and their families answer any questions that they may have for our events. If you do not see the desired answer below, make sure to send any questions to mitigwachief@gmail.com and we will help you get your answer!
Q: “What should my son bring for this event?”
A: “For Fall Fellowship and Spring Conclave, we recommend the following items:
  • Appropriate clothing for weather
  • Sleeping pad
  • Sleeping bag/blankets/pillow
  • Full Class A with sash
  • Rain gear
  • Tent
For Snowflake Powwow, we recommend the following items: 
  • Appropriate clothing for weather
  • Sleeping bag/blankets/pillow
  • Full Class A with sash
  • Pen and paper
  • Outfitting (If owned)
Q: “What time should we arrive?” 
A: “Take a look at our typical schedule for our next here: (Not posted at this time)
Q: “I (or my son) have medications that need to be taken throughout the weekend, how will that work?”
A: “Make sure you bring out some form identifying what medication it is you are taking, a copy of any doctor instructions if they are different from the label, and contact information on the form so our medical officer has documentation of this.”
Q: “I did not get to register in time or I am uncertain if I can attend the event. Is there a late registration or what should I do?”
A: “Except for Winter Banquet and Section Conclave, you can simply register for the event when you arrive. Make sure if you do this, that you have cash or a check to pay for the event.”